Successful collaboration between CaBA Partnerships and water companies has realised a range of environmental benefits, whilst helping to deliver on water company outcomes and measures of success.

Collaborative examples include; rural land management to improve the quality of raw drinking water and reduce treatment costs river restoration techniques to improve the flow regime; engagement with local communities with respect to water efficiency; implementation of green infrastructure to address flooding and water quality and; supporting eel regulation compliance through schemes to improve eel and fish migration.

Considerable scope exists to further align the goals and ambitions of water industry and CaBA, for example, through achieving Water Industry National Environment Programme (WINEP) and Water Industry Strategic Environmental Requirements (WISER) outcomes. In doing so, water companies will address the OFWAT call to adopt a systems thinking mindset as part of their resilience business planning.

CaBA Partnerships can also play an important role in supporting water industry with respect to the forthcoming drainage and wastewater management plans, for example, with respect to implementing distributed SuDS features across the catchment.

Drainage and Wastewater Management Plans

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Water Industry National Environment Programme (WINEP)

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