Engagement Tools for Natural Flood Management

CaBA Partnerships and partner organisations are developing and using a range of exciting, interactive models to engage communities and help...

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Wharfdale NFM

Practical Guidance for Farmers – Natural Flood Management

A practical guide for farmers and farm advisors to provide simple, clear advice and aid decision making on the delivery of...

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Natural Flood Management Handbook

This Natural Flood Management (NFM) handbook explores the delivery, philosophy and details of NFM.

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East Devon

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Lowland Natural Flood management

Lowland Natural Flood Management Measures – a practical guide for farmers

This guide has been produced to provide simple, clear advice on the provision of natural flood management measures for lowland...

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What is Natural Flood Management?

Natural Flood Management (NFM) or Working with Natural Processes (WWNP), involves implementing measures that help to protect, restore and emulate...

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Natural Flood Management Measures: A Practical Guide for Farmers (North West)

This guide has been developed to provide simple, clear information on natural flood management measures for landowners and farmers in...

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Highways England Natural Flood Management Fund

The Fund has been set up to support farmers and landowners in the implementation of measures that work with natural...

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Natural Flood Management toolkit for landowners and land managers in the Trent Catchment

Trent Rivers Trust have produced a Natural Flood Management toolkit for farmers, landowners, and land managers in the Trent Catchment.

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Find Funding for Natural Flood Risk Management Projects

A list of funding sources for natural flood risk management projects.

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Local Data and Evidence – Natural Flood Management

Local data and evidence on Natural Flood Management is key to engaging with both the public and local businesses. It is also...

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