Urban water management and guidance

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Type: Case Studies & Projects

The following guidance and case studies have been created by the CaBA Urban Water Group to help catchment partnerships and planners in urban areas create sustainable catchments.

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Urban partnerships guidance: Delivering sustainable urban water management through local action

This guidance is intended to help and encourage CaBA partnerships and other key stakeholders, particularly local authorities, businesses, water companies and NGOs, to deliver integrated water management and its associated multiple benefits through a collaborative partnership approach.

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Development near rivers - Guidance for planners 

This note outlines a general approach to considering development proposals near rivers. It indicates the basic considerations, information and processes that should be sought through the planning application process.

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Planning advice for integrated water management

Integrating water management at the strategic scale of planning and design to achieve sustainable development.

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Planning advice for integrated water management

Case studies to empower planners to engage with water issues and encourage innovation in meeting development needs in a more sustainable way.

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A collaborative approach managing water in the urban environment

Adopting a collaborative and integrated approach to urban water management can realise multiple benefits for people and the environment including; reduced flood risk, improved water quality, enhanced biodiversity, increased amenity and recreational opportunities, enhanced community health and well-being through recreation and engagement with green-blue spaces (now well proven through a wealth of academic research), reduced crime, and improvement of local economies.

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Finding funds for urban projects: A guide for Catchment Partnerships

Advice and new ideas to help secure more funding for catchment projects.

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Urban Water Group Webinars

Re-watch webinars hosted by the CaBA Urban Water Group.

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Catchment Based Approach Urban Water Management Group (CUWG) 2023-2024 Work Programme

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Watch this video on how to win funds for your urban catchment projects:

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