The role and members of the Water Leaders Group

The role and members of the Water Leaders Group

Representatives of major sectors and national organisations across the water system make up the Water Leaders Group. The Group takes an active role in developing and implementing the river basin management plans at a national level by:

  • contributing to the implementation of national measures
  • enabling and encouraging action by others
  • acting as the Environment Agency’s sector reference group, helping shape water system-wide initiatives in river basin management plans and wider strategic activities.

The Water Leaders Group uses informal time-limited reference subgroups for example in developing cross-cutting measures. This has included subgroups on engagement; large scale restoration; payment for ecosystems services and innovative finance.

The terms of reference for the Water Leaders Group are reviewed and updated to reflect its increasingly system-wide remit. Membership spans some 40 organisations. New members are encouraged, to maximise representation of key players with a stake in the water environment.


View the Water Leaders Group panel membership here.

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