Targeting diffuse pollution using Fieldmouse modelling tool

Organisation: Environment Agency

Type: Apps & Tools

The Fieldmouse modelling tool helps you target landscape sources of diffuse pollution, it routes and decays diffuse loads from Farmscoper and similar through the catchment and provides an easy visual assessment of which sources contribute most to the observed concentration.

It has been designed to provide within catchment targeting for the CSF project.

Fieldmouse is a steady-state, spatially distributed catchment model. It uses outputs from the Soil and Water Assessment Tool (SWAT) model to estimate losses and decay during transport through the landscape.

Development work is underway to allow Fieldmouse to run within the GLUE framework allowing probabilistic outputs.

The conceptual simplicity and visual outputs of Fieldmouse give the model the ability to be used in a participatory modelling environment. The benefits of participatory modelling in terms of improved model acceptance by stakeholders and policymakers have been widely recognised.
The Fieldmouse model and the input data required can be obtained freely, under an EA open license with CaBA hosts. However, access to ArcGIS Desktop software and the ArcGIS Spatial Analyst extension are required to use the model.

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