Q-NFM NERC Funded Research on Natural Flood Management

Organisation: Lancaster University

Location: National

Type: Research

Link: Visit Website

How much can natural measures reduce flooding at large scales? (Lancaster University, JBA and The Rivers Trust)

To answer this question over the next three years the Q-NFM investigator team will work in three large Cumbrian catchments (‘test basins’), the Eden, Derwent and Kent with their partners who are delivering NFM interventions . The project has seven tasks that will build a scientifically credible, shared understanding of the role that Natural Flood Management (NFM) could play in reducing flood risk in the UK and locally in Cumbria (the test region). Task 7 places CaBA at the heart of the research and relies on the expertise and experience gained by partner organisations and both informs Task 4-6 modelling and provides a means of sharing findings from across the project.

The project is part of a larger research program funded by NERC to support the Defra £15M funding of natural flood management. Find out more about the research.

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