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Put people at the heart of decision-making

Do you feel like you are not getting the true views and opinions of the public you are engaging with? Maybe you feel you see the same faces at all meetings and are not hearing from all the groups or individuals in your community. 

If so, and you are committed to tackling the issues within your area, perhaps it is time to try something different.

The charity INVOLVE, which specialises in public participation, have produced a practical guidance document designed to help you plan and deliver informal engagement events that combine a community fun day with appropriate engagement methods.

The guide is especially focussed on health-related engagement with local authorities, but the contents are likely to be useful for anyone interested in new ways of involving the public in services or decisions. It provides practical guidance on how to develop and plan informal engagement events.

It is a set of guidelines rather than a strict blueprint. In order to be successful, any public engagement activity that aims to improve any aspect of an area must be designed to suit the local context in which it occurs. What works for one event or one community may be inappropriate for others.

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