NFM Hub: The basics – user meeting

The NFM Hub is a tool which allows project managers for catchment-scale or community-led Natural Flood Management (NFM) projects in England to record the information that is relevant to any NFM project delivery, regardless of its size. Use the NFM Hub to map your NFM projects and record evaluation metrics. Your data will be added to a public facing map of NFM projects across England. The tool allows you to monitor and evaluate your NFM projects over time.


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Our first NFM Hub was held on 27th February 2023. This meeting covered the basics of the NFM Hub such as:

– The purpose of the NFM Hub – Additions to the NFM Hub over the previous NFM Monitoring & Evaluation tool – How to register for a community licence – How to log into the NFM Hub – An overview of the different pages of the new hub – How to add an NFM intervention to the map

Another meeting will be held later in the Spring which will cover adding NFM interventions in more detail.

Please contact Heather Bell with any questions about the NFM Hub.

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