Natural Flood Management Programme – Assessing the risk

Organisation: ADEPT, EA & FC

Location: National

Type: Research

Assessing the potential hazards for using leaky woody structures for natural flood management

The guidance is primarily for NFM scheme developers who use Leaky Woody Structures (LWS), but it will also inform landowners, commissioning bodies, contractors and consenting bodies about the risks they need to consider when planning the installation of these structures. The guidance aims to respond to concerns about potential hazards and liability associated with NFM interventions such as wood moving downstream blocking structures that might increase flooding of neighbouring land, property or people. Undertaking this assessment is intended to ensure that the risks have been thought through and minimised. Flood management scheme design should always be about what is best suited to the catchment, watercourse and specific flood risks, and there will be some places where NFM is not appropriate and others where it will be very effective.


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