Monitoring & Evaluating the DEFRA Natural Flood Management Projects. The tool and a guidance report

Organisation: Environment Agency & CaBA

Location: National

Type: Technical Support & Training

The AGOL tool and guidance report on Monitoring & Evaluation for DEFRA NFM project managers

This guidance report identifies the data that should be collected by all Defra funded Community & Catchment Scale Natural Flood Management (NFM) schemes. A Webinar on how to estimate storage, roughness and losses can be found here

In Section 3 of the  report all the data that should be entered into the ArcGIS Online (AGOL) tool is identified. Some of this data has been pre-populated from the original applications. The majority of the data that is required should be entered into the tool in the ‘Add NFM Asset‘ tab. This is designed to capture details of each NFM asset that is being built as the projects develop. Towards the end of the project the ‘Add Benefits Info‘ tab within the tool can be used to add semi-quantitative data on the multiple benefits that each project has achieved. There is a ‘feedback’ tab in the tool, this should be used to report any problems or request additional functionality.

In Section 4 the report lists all the data that will be required in spreadsheet templates at the end of the project. This is the more complex data on the ‘habitat‘ and ‘partnership‘ benefits of the project as well as an indication of the ‘maintenance‘ requirements of the work. The templates also provide the opportunity for project to identify if detailed reports have been written on the ‘flood benefits’ that have been identified through monitoring as well as other aspects of the scheme. It is not anticipated that the Community projects will write these additional reports unless they wish to.

There are also two Annexes to the report. Annex 1 provides technical guidance on how to monitor NFM schemes. Annex 2 provides a template planner that can be used to plan this monitoring.

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