Literature Review: Learnings from previous pro-water campaigns, interventions and studies

Organisation: Waterwise

Location: National

Type: Research

Despite the increasing challenges to our water resources encountered over recent years, water is still not high on the public agenda. While carbon emissions and climate change have received extensive attention, water has largely been missing from the narrative, in spite of the fact that it is the primary medium through which the effects of climate change will be felt (United Nations, nd).

The health of the ocean, rivers and waterbodies, and the ecosystem at large, as well as of wildlife and our human communities is dependent on human behaviour change in relation to water. We need to adapt, and in some cases transform, our practices around water; consuming (and wasting) less, and refraining from flushing pollutants, plastics and other objects into a system already under pressure.

This literature review outlines findings from 60 documents and interviews with nine experts on existing knowledge around pro-water campaigning and behaviour change, in order to maximise the success of future interventions aimed at increasing public engagement and transforming the water-using practices of people and businesses.

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