Launch of CaBA Data Package Version 6

Organisation: The Catchment Based Approach

Location: England

Type: Technical Support & Training

Explore the new online Catchment Based Approach Data Package.

An image of the CaBA Data Package Version 6.

The CaBA Data Package Version 6 is live

The CaBA Data Package Version 6 is live with over 200 layers online and easy to access without the use of your own GIS software. You can explore the updated CaBA Data Package with 20 new layers on the Catchment Based Approach Data Hub. This is a beta version of the new online version of the CaBA Data Package, so please give us your feedback on how you find using the new app to:


Explore the CaBA Data Hub

An image of the userr guide for the CaBA Data Package Version 6

View the user guide

An updated user guide is available to help support you in using the data. The user guide lists the metadata for each of the online & offline layers, and describes how to use the data including licence agreements & terms of use. The CaBA Data Package is a set of GIS layers suitable for supporting integrated catchment management planning. The datasets in the guide are displayed, interpreted and grouped to help partnerships identify issues and opportunities for collaborative action:

Opportunities – What are the opportunities for action?

Issues – What are the well-known issues?

Characteristics – What are the key characteristics of the catchment?

Causes – What are the potential causes of the problems?

Action – What action is going on already in the catchment?

Monitoring – What additional monitoring is happening in the catchment?

Background Mapping – What basemapping and reference data is available?

Use the CaBA Data Package User Guide

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