Organisation: British Geological Survey

Location: National

Type: Apps & Tools

Link: Visit Website

GeoVisionary was developed by Virtalis in collaboration with the British Geological Survey as specialist software for high-resolution visualisation of spatial data.

The initial design goal was to ensure that data sets for large regions, national to sub-continental, could be loaded simultaneously and at full resolution, while allowing real-time interaction with the data.

One of the major advantages GeoVisionary offers over other visualisation software (3D & 4D GIS) is its ability to integrate very large volumes of data from multiple sources, allowing a greater understanding of diverse spatial datasets.

GeoVisionary Version 2 brings exciting new capabilities, including:

  • Visualisation of voxels for the interpretation of volumetric or block models.
  • The ability to render point clouds from laser scan data.
  • The mapping of 4D or time series, allowing data gathered from different time periods to be compared and trends analysed.
  • A plane tool which allows geoscientists to measure and visualise outcrops to assess the orientation and geological relationships of rock strata

GeoVisionary is a valuable and unique software tool for the visualisation, analysis and interpretation of large and complex, multi-source datasets.

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