Find Funding for Natural Flood Risk Management Projects

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Below you will find a list of funding for natural flood risk management projects.

Grant in Aid (GiA) DEFRA funding

Risk management authorities (RMAs) can apply to Defra for Grant in Aid (GiA) to deliver flood risk management schemes. For every possible Flood and Coastal Erosion Risk Management scheme around the country RMAs must make the case to Government to provide the money to cover the scheme costs. Before giving any money the Government require RMAs to go through an appraisal process and demonstrate that money spent on managing flood risk benefits the nation as a whole rather than just locally or specifically for a homeowner.

The links below provide more information about GiA funding and the Environment Agency’s project appraisal process.

  • A guide on how the Environment Agency fund and deliver flood risk management schemes is available HERE.
  • A presentation by Environment Agency – Making choices: How to balance investments to reduce flood risk is available HERE.
  • More information on submitting an application for Central Government Grants can be found HERE, with further guidance on the rules HERE.
  • You can find out more about the current indicative allocation of capital grants HERE.

Local Levy (Regional Flood and Coastal Committees RFCC)

Projects are selected by committee. The local levy can fund all types of flood risk management projects, both traditional and natural approaches, but only those not funded by GiA. Funds are raised by a levy on local authorities and committee members are appointed from Lead Local Flood Authorities and the Environment Agency to plan and invest in flood and coastal erosion risk management. You can find out more about the Regional Flood and Coastal Committees HERE and view a map of the area covered by each committee HERE.

DEFRA Natural Flood Management Funding

Following the 2016 Autumn Statement, Defra announced £15 million of government funding for natural flood management schemes across England. The Environment Agency, Natural England and Forestry Commission, identified a number of projects at a catchment or coastal zone scale, and following consultation with the Flood Minister, have allocated funding to 24 projects. £1m of funding was also set aside for an ‘open competition’ for community projects. Take a look at the map of projects HERE.

Peatland Restoration Fund

A £10 million grant scheme to restore England’s iconic peatlands is currently open for applications. Funding will be made available under the scheme for projects that restore upland and lowland peatlands, create habitats for vulnerable wildlife, reduce flood risk by slowing rain water flow and increase carbon capture. Find out more HERE.

Countryside Stewardship

Countrysides Stewardship provides financial incentives for land managers to look after their environment through activities including: flood risk management; conservation; woodland creation and management and reducing water pollution from agriculture. The funding is highly competitive and favours projects addressing regional priorities and delivering multiple objectives. More information about the scheme is available HERE.

See which CS options can help reduce the impact of flooding HERE and access the CS Grant Finder Tool HERE.

You can also find out more details about the Catchment Sensitive Farming (CSF) River Basin District Strategy for your region HERE.

Community Infrastructure Levy

Community Infrastructure Levy is charged by local authorities on new developments and the funding raised can be spent on a range of infrastructure including transport, flood defences, schools, hospitals, recreation and open spaces. There is a high demand for funds and local funding priorities will vary. Funds are allocated by local authorities. You can find out more HERE.

Other sources of funding: A summary of other sources of funding that may be available to support local community projects and initiatives, particularly those that deliver multiple social and environmental benefits is available in the Natural Flood Risk Management Toolbox HERE (see p16).

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