Eden Integrated Catchment

Organisation: United Utilities

Location: Cumbria

Type: Case Studies & Projects

A market-based approach using systems thinking to deliver multiple ecosystem improvements with benefits spanning water quality, flood management, resilience, development and population growth, and socio-economic impact.

The early pilot developed a flexible catchment permitting approach to phosphorus management with the Environment Agency which allowed for flexible permits at Wastewater Treatment Works which were offset with interventions to manage phosphorus in the catchments. This proved to be a more efficient way of delivering the phosphors improvements and resulted in delivering a reduction above the fair share contribution whilst avoiding £13m of capital expenditure.

In the seventh Asset Management Period, the intention is to expand the project to 13 catchments and incorporate Natural Capital investment planning into this process which will increase the opportunity to secure co-investment from beneficiaries of landscape assets and functions in other sectors, including Nestle.

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