Developing a Catchment Management Plan – Templates and Guidance

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A CaBA catchment plan will establish a strong framework for collaborative working to deliver integrated catchment management, and will develop as the catchment partnership grows and becomes sustainable.

CaBA Guidance Manual

The CaBA Support Team have produced a guidance manual to support the development of a CaBA Catchment Plan, that is based on emerging good practice from across the CaBA community. The guide is structured around the four key components of a CaBA plan. Partnerships whose plans incorporate these elements appear better able to build confidence with external stakeholders and leverage funds from a diverse range of sources.

The framework describes each element and provides case studies or templates that can be adapted as appropriate to suit your catchment. These plans should be viewed as ‘work in progress’ (as is this framework!) with each element added and improved as required.

We have identified three levels of partnership development, ‘ Initial’, ‘Growing’ and ‘Sustainable’ to capture the fact that some case studies and templates may not be appropriate yet for your catchment.

Every partnership is different, some will not need all the components of a plan which are described in this framework; each component is only needed if it will increase delivery within a catchment.

Catchment Plan Template

We’re working on a new Catchment Plan Template, which will be available here as soon as it’s ready.  In the meantime, you can download the old template by clicking the button below.

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