Citizen Science Equipment list

Organisation: The Rivers Trust

Location: International

Type: Technical Support & Training

Link: Visit Website

This section contains details of a range of monitoring kit and supplies used by catchment partnerships for monitoring primarily water quality, but also some biological monitoring supplies.

This is a representative sample of monitoring equipment spanning a wide range of budgets, from high-spec kit suitable for experts, right through to single-use sampling kit and simple dip-test monitoring approaches suitable for multiple volunteers. However, bear in mind that even basic tests require some training and Q&A to ensure consistency and validity of results.

Relative accuracy of water quality kit, in particular, is something that a number of groups are looking at – we will flag up any published studies in future updates.

Under each product, the organisations that use it are listed, with contact details and any user comments, and supplier details where known. Equipment is listed in descending purchase price order and a rough indication of cost is provided, where known. Some equipment is single-use, so bear this in mind when scaling up to catchment-wide monitoring programmes with multiple volunteers.

Indicative Cost Key: ££££ = Very High (> £3,000); £££= High (> £1,000); ££ = Med (£100-£1000) or £ = Low (<£100)

Finally, we’ve included a project equipment inventory from Thames River Watch, Love the Lea and Waterside Care, listing full kit, cost breakdown and suppliers and project contact details.

The equipment list is not exhaustive – if you have suggestions please email or post on the CaBA forum and we will include it in the next update.

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