Catchment Science. Fieldscale monitoring handbook (Atkins)

Organisation: Atkins

Location: National

Type: Technical Support & Training

Atkins’ Catchment Science team have published their field scale monitoring handbook, featuring approaches that have been developed to help support teams working on Catchment and Natural Flood Management Schemes.

They are intended to be:

  • Low cost and rapid-deployment, constructed using ‘off-the-shelf’ products/materials and/or market-ready suppliers;
  • Flexible enough to target individual measures and adaptable to individual farms and their landscape setting;
  • Cover a range of different agri-environment and NFM measures being promoted across the water industry;
  • Easy to understand to help scheme participants and other stakeholders understand why monitoring is being undertaken, and to allow other project partners to collect data where suitable (eg. as part of citizen science initiatives);
  • Based broadly on tried-and-tested monitoring approaches used as part of other studies;
    Innovation approaches to monitoring that are standardised and transferable to different catchment projects and settings; and
  • Focussed on monitoring both hydrological and water quality parameters.
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