Catchment Planning – Creating a Vision

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Location: European

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An empowered, collaborative catchment partnership with a shared vision can be responsible for coordinating the planning, funding and delivery of good environmental, social and economic health for that river and its catchment.

Frequency: Refresh every five years (or more frequently if significant changes in local circumstances occur such as changes in membership).
Length: One to five pages. Published as a handout and/or online.
Objective: Establishing the partnerships objectives, role, responsibilities and credibility.

Developing your catchment vision together is often the first step in building a collaborative partnership. The vision is local and reflects local values, it should help to articulate why people should be involved in the partnership and strengthen your local community support. This leads to the identification of a small number of shared goals which capture in plain English what the CaBA partnership wants to achieve, and can help to overcome language or ‘jargon’ barriers between organisations with different cultures and terminology. Below are some examples of catchment visions which have been developed by CaBA partnerships around the country.

See some examples below: 

A Vision for the River Wandle

"A naturally functioning, self-sustaining chalk stream rich in biodiversity and a haven for Londoners"

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A Vision for the Soar Catchment

"A Soar catchment that has a sustainable and diverse water environment that benefits people, the natural environment and the economy of the local area."

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Define the Roles and Responsibilities of your partnership

Terms of Reference (ToRs) define the roles and responsibilities of the CaBA partnership and its governance structure.

They can help to draw the partnership together and build inclusivity. A survey by the Demonstration Test Catchment (DTC) Project identified that partnerships with a ToR tend to be able to maintain progress when there are difficulties or conflicts within the partnership. There is not a set standard for ToRs and each partnership should have the freedom to develop ways of working that work for their local circumstances.

Below are links to some example ToRs and a template which you can use as a starting point.

Example Terms of Reference:

Save the Eden Terms of Reference


Yorkshire Esk Partnership Terms of Reference


Blank Template


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