Catchment Data Explorer

Organisation: Environment Agency

Location: National

Type: Apps & Tools

Link: Visit Website

The Catchment Data Explorer (CDE) is an online data download and visualization tool for river basin planning data.

Use the tool to navigate to catchments and water bodies, view catchment summaries and download data.

You can search for catchments of interest using a map or by postcode, grid reference and place name. Data can be downloaded from the site, there is a list of useful web links, a glossary and a help section.  The underlying data in the Catchment Data Explorer is stored as linked data and is made available under an Open Government License for reuse.

The lastest version 3.0 was released in June 2018 with the following key updates:

  • Re-worked water body pages make accessing RNAGS (reasons for not achieving good status) RFD (reasons for deterioration) data easier – they now have their own table on the detailed water body pages.
  • Improved mapping on the water body pages allows users to more easily navigate to surrounding water bodies and catchments.
  • Data for investigations into classification status can be viewed and downloaded.
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