Aquatic Risk Management Tool

Organisation: University of Brighton

Location: European

Type: Case Studies & Projects

Link: Visit Website

The Aquatic Management of Catchments for Health & Environment (AquaManche) Project aimed to deliver practical tools to improve prediction, mitigation and management of river, estuarine and coastal waters in the France (Channel) – England region using the innovative application of microbial source tracking (MST).

The Aquatic Risk Management Toolbox (ARMT) brings together monitoring, microbial source tracking, catchment modelling tools and a web-based public information system, in order to predict risk and inform future management within river catchments in the cross-border region.
This ‘toolbox’ approach, in which a number of methods are used in combination, provides important information regarding the most likely sources of faecal contamination present within water samples from different sites within a study catchment.
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