Animations to explain Natural Capital

Organisation: The Rivers Trust

Location: European

Type: Apps & Tools

Link: Visit Website

Three animations, funded by the Interreg North Sea Region WaterCoG project, have been created by The Rivers Trust to visually introduce natural capital and ecosystem services in three films.

The natural environment is being degraded and we are beginning to realise that protecting and enhancing our ecosystems is essential, if we are to continue benefiting from all the things the natural environment provides us with.

These three animations hope to break down barriers to generate a more shared understanding of the terms ‘Natural Capital’ and ‘Ecosystem Services’ and how they can be applied to real-world examples.

The first animation introduces the terms, the second provides context for soil and land management, and the third film has been created to provide context for investment decisions.

See below animations or visit The Rivers Trust YouTube channel. 

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