Our CaBA Hubs bring together resources and expertise relating to certain topics. Some of our Hubs are still in development, so check back soon if the Hub you’re looking for isn’t yet available.

Agriculture Hub

A tool to help join up the dots between agriculture funding, advice, data and local initiatives.


Biodiversity Hub

A tool to guides partnerships through the key national and local data and evidence that can help identify opportunities to deliver more naturally functioning landscapes.


Chalk stream

Chalk streams Hub

This hub provides unique data, maps, videos and images to help user understand the importance of chalk streams and the challenges they face.


Catchment Monitoring Cooperative (CMC) Hub

The Catchment Monitoring Cooperative aims to bring together local communities, NGOs, businesses and public agencies to integrate a volunteer-based environmental monitoring programme into catchment management planning.


Coastal Hub

Explore CaBA Coastal & Estuarine data without the need for any specialist GIS software or prior GIS experience. You can use the app to view datasets, create your own simple maps and export data for your area of interest.


Data Hub

Discover and explore over 200 curated GIS datasets that are helping organisations to deliver integrated catchment management for the benefit of future generations.


Fisheries Hub

This hub brings together a wide range of fisheries data with a new Natural Capital Assessment of Fisheries in England.


Natural Flood Management (NFM) Hub

Explore NFM projects, data and resources



Tree Hub

The TreeHub is designed to help local teams identify the best places to plant trees along watercourses and to monitor project progress across 6 catchments in England.


Urban Hub

This tool helps to make key datasets and evidence resources more accessible to CaBA partnerships working in urban environments.


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