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Catchment Host

Severn Rivers Trust & Warwickshire Wildlife Trust


Imogen Rutter (SRT) and Gina Rowe (Warwickshire Wildlife Trust)






Severn Rivers Trust
Unit 1, Hope House Farm Barns
Hope House Lane

Warwickshire Wildlife Trust
Brandon Marsh Nature Centre
Brandon Lane

The Warwickshire Avon catchment is characterised by low-lying undulating hills. There is a long history of flooding, but the dispersed nature of the settlements has meant traditional flood defence schemes have often not been viable.

Water within the catchment is abstracted primarily for public water supply, agriculture and industry. Draycote Water, which receives water from the rivers Avon and Leam, is the largest water supply reservoir in the area and the principal aquifers in the catchment are important sources of drinking water. These are at risk from pesticides originating within the catchment.

Rivers and wetlands in the Warwickshire Avon catchment are vital for wildlife and they are also invaluable to society for reasons beyond the wildlife benefits they bring. They store floodwater, such as at Brandon Marsh SSSI Wetlands alongside the River Avon in Coventry. They provide recreation and tourism opportunities; towns such as Stratford upon Avon and Warwick are major international tourist destinations benefiting immensely from the River Avon and its accessibility.

There are 7 priority Areas the CABA Partnership are focusing on, these include:

1. Coventry Brooks and Rivers

2. River Stour catchment including tributaries

3. River Alne Source to Confluence with Preston Bagot Brook

4. River Arrow, including Batchley brook

5. Upper River Avon, Rains Brook and Upper River Leam

6. Forest of Feckenham

7. Carrant Brook

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