Tame Anker and Mease

Tame, Anker & Mease | Humber

Contact Information

Catchment Host

Severn Trent (Sub hosts - Wildlife Trust for Birmingham and The Black Country, Warwickshire Wildlife Trust and Trent Rivers Trust)


Charlotte Trigg, Catchment Partnership Coordinator, Severn Trent



Introduction to the Tame, Anker and Mease Catchment

The Tame Anker and Mease (TAM) catchment covers a large area of the midlands, heavy industry has had a large influence on the water bodies in the area, though this has declined over recent years.

The Opportunities:

  • Engage and work with local stakeholders and communities

  • Create a more sustainable and diverse water environment

  • Increase the natural capacity of rivers, streams, and wetlands to alleviate the impacts of flooding and pollution

  • Enhance the quality of the natural environment for the benefit of people’s health and wellbeing

The Challenges:

  • Agricultural diffuse pollution and sedimentation into watercourses

  • Densely populated catchment with a wide variety of communities to engage with

  • Physical modifications due to urbanisation, water storage, and flood protection

  • HS2 and its associated development

  • Invasive Non Native Species

Trent Rivers Trust Rain Garden at Measham

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