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Severn Rivers Trust & Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust


Kai'a Bellamy - Wetlands Officer at Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust



The Severn Vale area includes many of the small rivers and brooks that drain into the lower River Severn or directly into the Severn estuary. The land is variable with mixed urban, agricultural and forested areas. The main urban areas include Gloucester, Cheltenham, Ledbury and Stroud. 

The Severn Vale catchment partnership is engaging with a wide range of partners throughout the catchment including conservation organisations, local authorities, statutory bodies, recreational groups, and water companies. The Catchment Management Plan is in revision currently and will be available to view soon.

Regular meetings of the partnership are held to review the priorities and progress with projects and identify any new opportunities for engagement. The partnership will frequently update the catchments online project map with existing, developing, and conceptual projects.

The Severn Vale Catchment Partnership work across the Severn Vale to promote and improve the water environment for people and wildlife alike. Since 2020 the partnership has been trialling a new approach to project development and focusing on 5 priority areas:

  • The Wilder Frome
  • Forest to Sea in the Forest of Dean
  • The Wilder Leadon
  • Gloucester’s Waterscapes
  • Flourishing Floodplains

By focusing our effort over the next couple of years on key catchments and areas of work, we are developing series of ambitious flagship projects that set out how we can restore functionality at a catchment level, and support and help bring in funding for delivery on the ground. Whilst the projects will seek to include specific work plans, other works will be considered when opportunities for improvement arise.

The first project focuses on the River Frome catchment in Stroud District. A range of organisations have come together to co-author a vision for how we think the Frome should look as well as detailing some specific objectives we would like to see realised by 2030. We fully appreciate that the River Frome and its adjoining habitats belongs to all the individuals and communities who rely on it for work, rest, and play, and equally the wildlife that calls it home.

You can find the Wilder Frome Vision and Strategic Action Plan below.

Meet the Partners

The Severn Vale Catchment Partnership is always growing and diversifying.

If you would like to become a member please email:

Partnership Meeting April 2024

Our latest Partnership meeting was held at The Wesley in Cinderford in April 2024 with a focus on the future of natural flood management in the Forest of Dean.

You can download the presentations as PDFs below:


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