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Irwell Catchment Partnership Story Map

The Irwell Catchment Partnership Story Map has been designed to support the Irwell Catchment Partnership’s integrated catchment planning process of reviewing evidence and turning this in to a funded action plan.

Our Map illustrates the story of our catchment area, highlighting challenges and providing solutions. Our Interactive Evidence Map allows partners to explore data sets relevant to our catchment for project creation purposes. We record our actions on the Story Map so that the partnership can build more collaborative projects in the future. You can also view case studies on the map to discover what we’ve been working on recently.

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Irwell Catchment Partnership Plan 2019-2027

The Irwell Catchment Plan has been created by existing partners and provides interested stakeholders with an overview of the ambitions and activities of the Irwell Catchment Partnership over the 8 year period from 2019 to 2027, in alignment with the North West River Basin Management Planning cycle, and is, through our commitments, described at a sufficiently high level that it should not require frequent updating.


CASE STUDY: Developing a costed programme of projects within the River Irwell catchment

Latest news

Bradshaw Brook volunteers to tackle Himalayan Balsam

A group of volunteers will be working to clear a destructive species of plant near a Bolton thanks to a grant of £7,000.

Himalayan balsam, a non-native species, outcompetes native plants on riverbanks, reducing biodiversity.

Volunteers will remove the plant  from the River Irwell.

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Using Drones To Survey Invasive Species

In order to effectively manage INNS, as part of Natural CourseGMCA has procured a consultant to survey the presence of Giant Hogweed within the River Irwell Catchment. The Irwell Catchment Partnership created a working group who could strategically co-ordinate efforts to tackle the issue.

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Oldham Chronicle - 'Flood busting' leaky dams installed on Crompton Moor

Innovative flood risk management techniques have taken another step forward on Crompton Moor in Oldham with the installation of five “leaky dams”.

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The Bolton News - River Croal project combating fish stock decline complete

The £95,000 restoration ‘Natural Course Project’ along the river Tonge done by the Environment Agency, Groundwork Greater Manchester and the Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA) has taken out a redundant weir in the river in Bolton.

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Videos of the Irwell Catchment

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