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Welcome to the webpage for the River Idle Catchment Partnership. Our vision is ‘To conserve and enhance the Rivers Idle, Ryton, Poulter, Meden, Maun, their tributaries and surrounding land, to create a healthy and wildlife rich water environment for the benefit of both people and biodiversity.’

There are many ways to get involved with the work of the River Idle Catchment Partnership but to get the best introduction, it is worth coming along to one of our quarterly meetings. We have two groups that meet to discuss issues within the catchment and to learn more about how to improve the water environment:

River Idle Management Partnership (RIMP) – meets at the Idle Valley Nature Reserve, covers the Rivers Idle and Ryton and tributaries

Sherwood Catchment Partnership (SCP) – meets in various locations in the Sherwood area, covers the Maun, Meden, Poulter, Rainworth Water and tributaries

If you would like to attend, just get in touch to find out the date and location of the next meeting.

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Introducing the River Idle Catchment

The River Idle Catchment includes the counties of Nottinghamshire, Yorkshire and Derbyshire, with major urban centres such as Mansfield, Worksop and Retford surrounded by diverse land use including farming, forestry and mineral extraction. To the south lies the iconic Sherwood Forest area, attracting many visitors each year, whilst low lying land to the north connects the catchment to the Humberhead Levels and on to the North Sea.

For a more detailed look at the watercourses in the River Idle Catchment, visit the Catchment Data Explorer website where you can find information on water quality as defined by the Water Framework Directive

Catchment Data Explorer

Catchment Action Plan

Action planning within the Catchment Partnership is a constantly evolving process. Partners are working on a range of projects across the catchment, some in delivery, some in the planning phase and some still aspirational. The common themes are measures which focus on one or more of the following areas: farming, nature, community, industry and urban and the water environment. The overarching Catchment Plan is updated annually, with supporting documents amended regularly as progress is made. See below for the latest plans and maps for the River Idle catchment, for more information please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Delivering projects which enhance the water environment

The Catchment Partnership is here to support, guide and help partners to work collaboratively on projects that enhance the water environment. If you have an idea for a project, or if you know of a particular area that could benefit from investigation, you can use the project template form to submit your thoughts and ideas to the partnership for inclusion in the Catchment Action Plan. Your project will be included in partnership discussions, hopefully helping you to move forward into delivery of the activity. We may be able to identify appropriate organisations to partner with, or perhaps to approach for funding. Whatever the scale of your project idea, we’d love to hear from you!

Catchment Projects

Here are recent studies relevant to our catchment that brought together key stakeholders from the Environment Agency, catchment partnerships, internal drainage boards, water companies, local authorities, Natural England, abstractors, groups and individual abstractors with aim to investigate  water access and security for local population.

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