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    Rosie Lear

    Hi everyone,

    You should have received the CaBA Monitoring Form for 2018/19. This thread will be used to highlight common problems and how to get around them. Please feel free to ask questions below.

    A few initial tips:
    – Remember to fill in both tabs – Part 1 (Partnership Details) & Part 2 (Activities)
    – After downloading, make sure you click ‘Enable Editing’ in the yellow bar at the top of the spreadsheet
    – If you are copying & pasting from another program – right click on the cell, select ‘Paste Special’ and then select ‘Text’ so you are pasting text only.



    A bit last minute but I’m just finishing off compiling our spreadsheets before submitting this afternoon and have a quick last minute question about one of the columns on the spreadsheet:

    Was the activity planned/agreed/endorsed by the partnership?
    Was the project on the partnership action plan? Some projects are endorsed by the partnership but arise opportunistically or are delivered by one partner alone – this is fine and counts as being done under the auspices of the CP while not appearing on the CP plan. Use the checkboxes to select ‘yes’ or ‘no’.

    Some of our projects are agreed/endorsed by the partnership as described above but don’t appear on the CMP – I’d been assuming that as they were endorsed by the CP (by the project board), the answer to the question is YES, but now wondering if it means YES if included in the CMP and NO if agreed/endorsed but included in the plan?

    Has anyone else got a take on this/how have you approached it?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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