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    Michelle Walker

    `Dear CaBA partnerships
    We are seeking your views to help develop a future strategy for CaBA data gathering and management.
    The Environment Agency’s Strategic Monitoring Review wants to move towards more ‘agile’ monitoring of the environment, using local CaBA partners to gather and share evidence, to augment statutory government monitoring programmes. So far there has been no promise of funding to support this. We would like your views on how you’d like us to proceed so that we can start to write funding bids to grow our monitoring capacity.


    The CaBA technical support team has developed numerous resources over recent years to help grow capacity for local partnerships to gather and share their own data and evidence. However we have not yet taken the step of developing national databases for gathering local data. We would like your steer on whether this is something we should be aiming for going forward.

    We have seen a withdrawal of government support for national data platforms and apps (e.g. PlantTracker) so would like to know what role you think government should play in helping to develop and fund local data gathering platforms.

    Please could you tell us more about which apps and platforms you have used in the past, and what you need going forward, so that we can develop an effective strategy for future local CaBA data gathering and sharing.

    We plan to discuss this topic in more detail at the upcoming CaBA Data and Evidence Forum in September (details coming soon).

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