Water resource availability can have significant impacts on public drinking water supply, agriculture, industry, businesses and ecology.

The new UK Water Resources Portal developed by the UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology (UKCEH) brings together a wealth of information on the latest hydrological situation across the UK. Providing the most up-to-date available data on river flows, rainfall, soil moisture and groundwater levels from a local to a national scale, the portal enables users to view measurements in any part of the country by clicking on an interactive map. In addition to providing a possible indication of imminent floods and droughts, it also has historical records that enable comparisons to be made with previous significant events from the past 50 years and long-term averages. Find out more HERE.

The CAMS (Catchment Abstraction Management Strategy) datasets can help us understand catchment scale water resources and the balance of water requirements between society, the economy and the environment. These technical assessments help identify where water may be available for future use but also where water resource demands may be impacting the water balance. Although the outputs are simple the modelling that underpins it is complex and takes into account the balance of abstraction and discharges; the interaction of surface and groundwater and the flow that’s needed to keep the ecology healthy.

This joint webinar between UKCEH and CaBA is an opportunity for catchment partnerships to find out more about these tools, data and evidence and how they can be used to help understand water resource issues in your catchment.

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  • The UK Water Resources Portal
  • Drought forecasting and monitoring work at CEH
  • CAMS & abstraction data available through the CaBA data package
  • Interpreting the data to understand Water Resource issues in your catchment and avoiding mis-interpretation
  • Identifying opportunities where a catchment-based approach to water stewardship and NFM could be beneficial.
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