In this 1hr webinar as part of the CaBA Biodiversity Series, hear about techniques and opportunities in lake restoration.

Lakes, both naturally formed and human-made, are important priority habitats. They provide vital benefits for wildlife and people, along with a wide range of ecosystem services, and often have great cultural significance in our landscapes.
Despite this, lakes are mostly in a very degraded condition, with impacts on water quality, levels and morphology common, and pressures from invasive non-native species, some recreational activities and increasingly, climate change.
However, there are positive and achievable restoration actions at different scales that can be taken, to improve the condition of lakes and their catchments – and ensure they can contribute fully to a Nature Recovery Network, as important refugia and reservoirs of biodiversity.
This Webinar will outline this story and highlight case studies where action is being taken to restore these iconic habitats and places.

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