The new online CaBA Coastal and Estuarine Data Package is a set of over 30 GIS layers that can support a wholescape approach to marine management. Bringing this data together with the existing CaBA Data Package enables coastal and CaBA partnerships to understand linkages between coastal and catchment environments, identify opportunities for collaboration and develop multi-benefit projects that are targeted, designed, funded and delivered by building on a sound evidence base.

The CaBA Coastal Data Explorer is a free Web App which allows you to access and explore the data without the need for any specialist GIS software or prior GIS experience. You can use the app to view datasets, create your own simple maps and export data for your area of interest.

This webinar is an opportunity for catchment, coastal and estuarine partnerships to find out more about the new online CaBA coastal and estuarine data package, see what data is available and learn how to access and start using it.

Sign up to learn about:

  • How to access the CaBA Coastal and Estuarine Online Data Package
  • What datasets are available
  • Using the CaBA Coastal Data Explorer App
  • Opening the online datasets in desktop GIS
  • Bringing catchment and coastal datasets together to identify opportunities for collaborative action
  • Making the most of the user guide
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