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Take part in a Great British Spring Clean clean up - next weekend!

London CaBA Workshop slides

Feedback on the CaBA Workshop

Will the presentations from the recent CaBA workshop be available online, please?

FREE – IFM Midlands workshop: connecting rivers, people and partnerships

FREE – Catchment and coastal partnership workshop on estuaries and coasts

Catchment Data Explorer data udpate 15th February

Update on new Water Environment Grant scheme

The Rivers Trust response to the EA's consultation on permit charges - Updated

FDF enquiries

Cooling rivers by heat exchange

Environmental benefits from 'flooding' schemes

Any advice/ideas for a Visioning Workshop?

EA's proposed changes to the permitting charges - notes from Teleconference

The Rivers Trust response to the EA's revised permit charge proposals

Job vacancies with The Aire Rivers Trust

GIS Analyst - The Rivers Trust

Take part in a survey about water management

Do you have any fish pass tender documents you could share?

Q&A on EA's proposed changes to permitting charges

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