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  3. Tuesday, June 27 2017, 01:29 PM
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July is #NewForestWaterMonth !


Freshwater Habitats Trust is running a packed calendar of events so that you can explore some of the best freshwater habitats in the country throughout July – New Forest Water Wildlife Month.

The New Forest is home to amazing freshwater animals like the Fairy Shrimp and plants like Coral Necklace – a beautiful and unmistakable species with long trailing red stems and clusters of white flowers resembling beads threaded along a necklace. These plants and animals struggle to survive elsewhere in the country – the clean, unpolluted water of the New Forest is so important.

You can join freshwater wildlife experts to look for clean water by testing local streams, ponds and ditches. Use your survey skills to find out how rare plants and animals are faring. And you can learn about Flagship Ponds – the very best ponds in the country.

There are a range of events planned, including opportunities to learn about about catchment projects.

Find out more here:http://bit.ly/NewForestWaterMonth

Follow us on Twitter and Facebook, and please share with #NewForestWaterMonth

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