Brief Encounters

Organisation: Lune Rivers Trust
Location: River Keer, Carnforth, Lancashire
Type: Case Study

The creation of a wildlife reserve and restoring the habitat along an under used public footpath by the River Keer.  This project is still ongoing and has included Himalayan balsam control, chopping back the overgrown path and rerouting to make safe.  We have installed owl, bird and bat boxes and have sown native seeds.  We will be planting trees and native hedgerow later in the year. In addition we will be installing an information board and litter a bin.

The footpath alongside the Keer will be upgraded to become a showcase for native species as water quality improves, fly life from native trees feeds the fish, INNS will be removed and natural vegetation will regenerate.  As such, many more people will use it. We hope that a bi-product of this project would be to encourage local groups and businesses to work together to help improve our environment.

One of the key successes has been the overwhelming support and involvement of the local community.  We have been lucky enough to have volunteers with vital areas of expertise to help us.  These have included a bat expert, a former ranger for this area to help advise and members of the local town council who facilitated the path relocation.  At the suggestion of the local Rotary Club volunteers now meet every second Tuesday of the month ensuring the path’s upkeep is sustained by local stakeholders and as a result the project has now expanded way outside the original brief.  We have also had refreshments provided by the neighbouring holiday resort!


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