Who's involved?

The Catchment Based Approach is proudly supported by an impressive array of organisations.

This includes, but not limited to, the following organisations:

  • The Rivers Trust
  • The Environment Agency
  • Wildlife Trusts
  • Defra
  • Forestry Commission
  • Water UK
  • Freshwater Habitats Trust
  • WWT
  • RSPB
  • Groundwork
  • WWF
  • Natural England
  • Angling Trust
  • Salmon and Trout Association

Meet the people who make it happen

Behind CaBA, there’s a large network of people who make it all happen. From a National Support Group with members representing many of the organisations involved in CaBA, bridging the gap from community work to policy, to a Technical Support Team, who work behind the scenes building expertise in partnerships through a program of mentoring, updating the website, sending newsletters, and providing you with the latest GIS data. There are also a number of Working Groups behind CaBA, who focus on particular issues, such as Urban Water Management and Biodiversity.


See below to see who’s involved:

National Support Group (NSG)

The National CaBA Support Group (NSG) plays a key role in championing the Catchment Based Approach across all key sectors including water industry, agriculture, business and Local Government. It also supports partnerships nationwide, through identifying gaps in knowledge or process and resolving barriers to delivery.

NSG members represent many of the organisations engaged in CaBA and include environmental NGO’s, Water UK, CIWEM, Defra, EA, Natural England, National Farmers Union, Crop Protection Association and the National Flood Forum.

The NSG works to an Action Plan encompassing several workstreams including; evaluation and monitoring of CaBA nationwide, engagement with key stakeholders including businesses via the CaBA water stewardship manager, capacity building and technical support to partnerships, the provision of open data and, addressing a series of thematic issues including agriculture and natural flood risk management.

The NSG has also established a series of Working Groups, each with a set of specific objectives with respect to key issues, each underpinned by an overarching objective to build capacity and expertise across CaBA.

The NSG is chaired by Arlin Rickard, Cheif Policy Advisor at The Rivers Trust with secretariat support provided by Luke Neal (Shropshire Wildlife Trust) and Rob Collins (The Rivers Trust).

If you have a CaBA relevant issue of regional or national significance that you wish to be raised with the NSG, please contact Rob.

This report summarises the work undertaken last financial year (2021-22)

Photo of Rob Collins

Rob Collins, CaBA Chair CaBA National Support Group

Rob is Head of Policy and Science at The Rivers Trust. Rob undertakes a range of policy work engaging with Government and its Agencies and those sectors impacting upon the water environment. Rob also provides support to the CaBA partnerships and is one half of the CaBA secretariat.

Contact Rob.

Technical Support Team

The Technical Support Team is comprised of people from right across the CaBA community nationally. They are responsible for all of the help, support and training resources being created and shared through this website and various other channels.

Michelle Walker - The Rivers Trust

Michelle Walker, CaBA Data & Evidence Lead

Michelle is Deputy Technical Director at The Rivers Trust. Michelle manages the data and evidence workstream of the Catchment-Based Approach support programme, providing technical tools, support and guidance to CaBA partnerships on all aspects of developing an evidence-based catchment plan. Michelle leads the Catchment Data User Group.

Follow Michelle


David Johnson, CaBA Support Manager

David is Technical Director at The Rivers Trust. David manages updating and distributing of the GIS and Data package, negotiates data access with EA and other data providers and manages the CaBA data to evidence mentoring programme as well as providing content for the website, forum and helpdesk. He is also leading a number of bids to seek longer-term sustainable funding for CaBA support.

Jayne Mann

Jayne Mann, CaBA Communications Lead

Jayne is Communications Manager at The Rivers Trust. Jayne joined the support team in 2016 and is working to raise the profile of CaBA nationwide, liaising with catchment partnerships and members of the National Support Group to promote success stories and develop communication materials. If you have good news about CaBA to share, contact Jayne or tweet it using the link above.

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Photo of Catherine McIllwraith, GIS Analyst

Catherine McIllwraith, GIS Analyst

Catherine is GIS Analyst at The Rivers Trust. Catherine joined the team in September 2019 and provides GIS support to CaBA partnerships via the mentoring programme, and also collates data and information to share via the CaBA data package and through the various communication channels. Catherine has experience in the design and implementation of Integrated Constructed Wetlands, and previously worked for Eden Rivers Trust.

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